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Ol' South Famous Pancakes

Build Your Own Pancakes

Choose from our fluffy buttermilk,
buckwheat or corn cakes

Full Stack (6 cakes) 6.99
Short Stack (3 cakes) 5.99

Original Ol’ South Pancakes

Your choice of our fluffy buttermilk pancakes,
buckwheat pancakes or corncakes, served with maple syrup
 bacon or sausage 7.29
with ham 7.89

World Famous German Pancake

Our signature pancake filled with fresh squeezed lemons, powdered
sugar and whipped butter

Silver Dollar Pancakes

Our delicious dollar sized pancakes served with maple syrup
cakes 5.29

12 cakes 6.49

16 cakes 7.49


Peanut Butter Chips, Chocolate Chips, Strawberries,Bananas,
Spiced Apples, 
Blueberries, Pecans, Raisins, Whipped Topping
.99 per topping

Dutch Babies

Smaller version of our World Famous German pancakes served with fresh-squeezed lemons, powdered sugar, and whipped butter
one cake 5.49 with fruit toppings 6.49
two cakes 7.49 with fruit topping 8.49



Crispy Golden Waffle

Fresh made to order until crisp on the outside, delicious golden brown on inside,served with maple syrup

Southern Chicken and Waffle

Belgian waffle w/honey butter and
two crispy chicken tenders

Belgian Waffle

Waffle 7.69
Add your choice of strawberries, apples,
blueberries and whipped topping .99 each

Strawberry Waffle

Topped with strawberries
and whipped topping

Chocolate Supreme Waffle

Made with chocolate chips,
topped with whipped topping

Pecan Waffle

Packed with pecans, lightly dusted
with powdered sugar topped with more pecans

Blueberry Waffle

Made with fresh blueberries
with blueberry topping

Add to your combo

*Add one egg and your choice of two slices of bacon
or two pieces
of sausage to any combo
* Add ham or andouille sausage or jalapefi.o cheese sausage



Build Your Own Skillet

Fluffy Homemade Biscuit smothered in our home style gravy with eggs, hash brown, cheddar cheese with your choice of one of the following:
Sausage, bacon, minced ham,
pecan smoked and ouille sausage 8.99

Each additional topping for .99
Mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, jalapenos, swiss cheese,
American cheese, hamburger, chili, homemade salsa chorizo sausage


International Favorites

Swedish Crêpes

Three delicious Swedish crêpes served
imported lingonberries

French Crêpes

Mouth watering French crêpe topped with
strawberries and 
whipped topping

*French Toast

Dipped in a slightly sweet batter,browned to perfection dusted
with powdered sugar
two slices 5.29
three slices 5.99
four slices 7.29
Add one egg and your choice of two slices of bacon
or two pieces of sausage for an additional 2.59
* Add ham or andouille sausage or jalapefio cheese sausage 2.79

*Southern Eggs Benedict

Grilled English muffin, swiss cheese, ham, two over medium eggs,
topped with hollan-daise sauce, served with hash browns

*New Orleans Benedict

Grilled English muffin, swiss cheese, hickory smoked
andouille sausage or jalapefio cheese sausage,
two over medium eggs, topped with
hollandaise sauce, served with hash browns

Classic Breakfast Combos

Egg combinations listed below are served with your choice of three buttermilk pancakes, toast, bagel or English muffin • Cholesterol-free eggs available upon request. Low-fat Turkey bacon also available. Biscuits and gravy or bowl of fruit 1.49. Substitute bread for a hashbrown for 1.29 

*Hamburger Steak & Eggs

Fresh ground beef patty grilled to perfection,
served with two eggs

Hickory Smoked Sausage & Eggs

Choose andouille or jalapeño cheese sausage 8.79

*Chicken Fried Steak

Hand battered beef steak smothered in
our country style 
gravy, served with two eggs

*Pork Chops & Eggs

Lean and juicy pork chops served
with two eggs

*Steak & Eggs

Two eggs served with a tender Ribeye Flame-grilled
8 oz. juicy steak

*Classic Breakfast

Two eggs served with your choice of bacon or sausage 7.99
choice of ham 8.79
two eggs only (no meat) 6.99 

*Minced Ham Scramble

2 scrambled eggs with diced ham


*Chicken Breast Filet

Chicken breast grilled or fried to
perfection served with two eggs

*Corned Beef Hash

Our delicious corned beef hash
served over two eggs



All omelets are served with your choice of three buttermilk
pancakes, toast, bagel, or English muffin. Add biscuits and gravy or bowl of fruit 1.49

*Build Your Own Omelet

Start with our fluffy three egg omelet 6.59 

Add your favorite ingredients listed below and create your own masterpiece.

sausage, hamburger, onions, tomatoes, hickory smoked ham, crispy, bacon, jalapeños,
mushrooms, chorizo, chili, green peppers, spinach, homemade salsa, hash brown, turkey bacon
Each additional topping .99

steak, chicken, or pecan smoked Andouille sausage 1.99
swiss, cheddar, american, pepper jack, feta cheese .99


Grilled chicken, spinach,tomatoes, swiss cheese, onions,and hollandaise sauce

*Big Country

Sausage, ham, bacon,tomato, onion, mushroom and cheddar cheese

*Veggie Delight

Fresh spinach, mushroom, grilled onions, swiss cheese, and diced tomatoes

*South of the Border

Eggs whites, fresh chorizo, onions, jalapeños, cheddar cheese and hash browns


Onions, feta cheese, spinach and mushrooms made with eggs whites

*TrFit Trainer

Egg whites, grilled chicken breast, spinach, avocado,turkey bacon


South of the Border

*Breakfast Tacos

Three flour tortillas filled with egg, potatoes, onions, and your choice of one of the following: ham, chorizo, bacon, sausage or hamburger 8.99
add cheese for .99 * Add chicken, steak, andouille or jalapefio cheese sausage 1.99

*Big Ol’ Burrito

Grilled chicken or Steak comes with spinach, eggs, hash browns, cheddar cheese and onions